Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services in Davenport, Florida

Trust the professionals to take care of your residential and commercial property curb appeal. We offer window cleaning and pressure washing in Davenport, Florida, and surrounding areas.

We Are Your One-Stop Solution For All Your Cleaning Needs

Our flexible cleaning services adapt to the needs of our clients. Pressure washing can help get to those hard-to-reach areas with ease, giving your property a fresh look. 

Pressure Cleaning

Power washing helps eliminate dust, mold, mildew, oil, and other impurities that accumulate on the exterior areas of your house, including your siding, roof, gutters, fence, deck, driveway, and more. Additionally, power washing can help uncover hidden damages for you to take action on time. Hiring a professional, experienced, and resourced pressure washing team will ensure you get the job done right the first time. 

Window Cleaning

Internal and external window cleaning helps natural light penetrate your house and eliminates glass stains caused by hard water, paint, fingerprints, flying insects, and sprays. Window cleaning uses strong chemicals that, when not handled correctly, may cause secondary health effects on those directly exposed. When you hire a window cleaning company such as Team AD Washing, you’ll get high-quality services without putting your health at risk.

Is Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning Worth It?


Some property owners think of pressure washing as a luxury. Instead, this service is a long-term investment to protect your residential or commercial investment, preventing and eliminating some of the main causes of property deterioration: dust, grime, mold, bug nests, webs, algae, leaves, and debris. 


When these impurities are not eliminated on time, they can cause leaks on your roof, blocked gutters, moldy siding, walls, driveway, fence, and deck. At the same time, these consequences have a snowball effect because they weaken your property’s foundation and roof.


Window and pressure cleaning give preventive maintenance to your property, helping keep a hazard-free space for you and your loved ones and prolonging the useful life of your roof, siding, deck, concrete driveway, fence, window, among others.

What To Expect From Our Window Cleaning and Power Washing Services

Custom Solutions For You

Our pressure cleaning packages are fully personalized to meet your needs and budget. Do you only need house washing? Or, are you interested in pressure washing various areas of your property? At Team AD Washing, we always have our clients’ best interests at heart. We will never offer more than what you need. 

Always Available to Assist You

Emergencies and short-notice events or visits may lead you to need high-priority cleaning services. We’ve got you. At Team AD Washing, we are available seven days of the week, from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Our clients always come first. We will always do everything in our hands to provide fast and reliable pressure washing and window cleaning services.

Professionalism From Start to Finish

Since we started operating, we’ve built a strong reputation. Our professional cleaners are committed to providing a five-star service from your first contact with Team AD Washing, property assessment, and final project delivery. We pride ourselves in counting with a professional, friendly team knowledgeable on providing an excellent client experience.

High-Quality Equipment And Results

Having a team with a keen eye on the details and counting on quality pressure washers and cleaning chemicals guarantee the most satisfactory results for all residential and commercial owners in Davenport, Florida. Our team treats each project as if it was their own. Also, we always perform a quality assurance evaluation to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

We Can Make Your House Look New Again

We’re committed to excellence and have a clients come first mentality, which is why our clients know us for our flexible and reliable services. Team AD Washing offers a comprehensive solution for all your house cleaning needs, including:

Our team services home and business owners in Davenport, Florida and surrounding areas, including:

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