Professional Pressure Washing Services in Kissimmee, Florida

We perform the highest quality pressure cleaning for home and business owners. You name it; we’ll clean it.

Giving proper maintenance to your home may sometimes seem like a daunting task. We all want our home to look and feel shiny and new. But, realistically, our hectic lives may keep us from rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty. Besides, you may not have the knowledge, tools, or experience to get the job done right the first time. 

If you are considering restoring your home’s look, you’ve come to the right place. Team AD LLC is ready to help you out! Our commercial and residential clients have long known us for our quality of work, experience, and high-end equipment, from our pressure washers to our cleaning products and tools to get to those hard-to-reach places.

Signs That Your Property Needs Pressure Washing

The Exterior of Your Property Looks Soiled

Grime and mold can easily make your house look older. You’ll also notice the painting looks darker. You have probably thought about painting the exterior of your home, when in reality pressure washing is all it needs. Our service will help you refresh your property’s outside while preserving your painting because it uses a non-destructive method. 

The Outside Of Your Home Has Noticeable Spots

When was the last time you pressure washed your house? If proper maintenance isn’t given, grime and mold layers accumulate, causing prominent stains on your home’s surface. This usually happens on concrete surfaces and wood siding because both materials are incredibly porous. If this is your case, get in touch with our friendly staff. We’ll perform an extensive pressure washing to eliminate bulks of soil and mold.


Mold Is Taking Over Your Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has become popular because it lasts longer than wood siding, and it is resistant to cracks, chips, and fading. However, this material isn’t immune to mold and mildew. With Kissimmee located in the most humid state in the country, mold can quickly become a problem. Pressure washing your siding at least once a year will keep both mold and mildew from growing on the exterior of your home. 


There Are Bug Nest And Webs On Your Walls and Windows

Ladybugs, spiders, and wasps are known for living on corners and windows. They use the walls or the tracks of your windows as anchors to structure a tridimensional noose. Interesting, huh? It’s pretty normal for these insects to make themselves at home. However, this doesn’t contribute to your property’s aesthetics. If you notice too many webs and nests on the external walls of your property, it may be time to hire pressure washing services.

Your Home’s Gutters Are Blocked

Gutters allow water to drain, especially after heavy rains, storms, or hurricanes. When gutters are clogged, your roof starts leaking, mold and water damage accumulate, your home’s foundation is jeopardized,  and the useful life of your roof decreases. Our pressure washing services can prevent you from paying a potentially kilometric bill on repairs. Our team can take care of cleaning your property’s gutters through our pressure washing services.

Your Roof Has Moss and Algae

Roofs can quickly accumulate mold, bacteria, leaves, among many others. These cause discoloration, and when left unattended for long, they may cause water leaks. Experts recommend pressure washing your roof once every two or three years. However, our best piece of advice is to wash it once a year because Kissimmee, Florida, has humid tropical weather. If you need an experienced team to help you out, let us know!

Your Driveway and Deck Are Moldy or Spot

Besides being exposed to leaves, humidity, and dirt, both your driveway and deck are continually exposed to oil (from your car or barbecues) and animals, which may cause both areas to look neglected and older than they are. Mold is also a common issue, and it can represent a hazard for you and your loved ones as these surfaces become slippery. With our pressure washing services, Team AD LLC can help eliminate any of these issues with ease. 

Hire Reliable & Professional Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning Services

At Team AD, we’ve built a strong reputation because we always go above and beyond. Every time we’re hired, we take care of our clients’ residential or commercial properties as if they were our own, keeping a keen eye on the details and making things happen for you to have a five-star experience and a home that looks like new. Our pressure washing services cover all the external areas of your home, including:

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