Professional and Efficient Pressure Washing Services in Orlando, FL

Our various services allow us to reach those difficult areas where mold and grime hide. We can help improve your property’s curb appeal and prevent costly repairs, making minor repairs visible for you. Call (863) 695-8100 to schedule a meeting or request a free quote.

Make Your Property Shine With Our Cleaning Services

We are your one-stop solution to remove mold, stains, and grime from your property with our pressure washing cleaning services.  Get a Free Estimate

Roof & Siding

Besides improving your property’s curb appeal, our soft washing method helps extend the useful life of your property’s siding and roof. Our cleaning process uses gentle solutions that help lose your property’s dirt and mold and modified deep-cleaning pressure washing machines that do the work without damaging your home exterior.

Driveway Cleaning

The moisture caused by the humid subtropical climate in Orlando, Fl, makes it easy for mold to grow. Our pressure washing services help prevent and eliminate mold from your driveway. Is your driveway built with concrete, stone, terracotta, pavers, or bricks? Our technicians have pressure washed these types of materials and more. 

Fence Cleaning

We’re sure you agree, besides protecting your property, a fence adds character and value to your home. However, they are exposed to the heat, humidity, rain, dust, and, on some occasions, your pets. Did you know that pressure cleaning your fence helps open the wood pores, so it breathes, making it look new? 

Gutter Cleaning

Besides preventing damage to your property’s roof and foundation, clean gutters eliminate health hazards for you and your loved one. Unless you want your gutter to be the perfect home for pests, rodents, bacteria, viruses, and worms, pressure washing them is always recommended. Eliminate unwanted organisms with our help.

Pool Decks Cleaning

Orlando homeowners deserve the best pool deck cleaning services in the city, and our team is committed to providing precisely that. These areas can quickly grow greenish-black mold and wood-eating fungi, which, besides being unhealthy, are slippery and unsafe. Prevent accidents and health issues while preserving the look and value of your pool with the help of our team. 

Window Cleaning

Your property’s windows are in constant contact with debris, dust, and hard water. We offer internal and external cleaning services to help eliminate contaminants. Our technicians can reach difficult areas with the right equipment at hand, including leadlights, attics, atrium ceilings, stairwell windows, and skylights. You name it; we’ll get to it.

Committed to Provide Five-Star Pressure Cleaning Service in Orlando, Florida

At Team AD Washing, we offer comprehensive pressure washing services for both commercial and residential properties. Our commitment to creating a cleaner and more appealing space for you, your friends, and your family and our services’ flexibility allows us to reach all those places you can’t. Our technicians are not only working from Monday to Sunday, but they also provide emergency services. 

If you’ve recently searched for pressure cleaning services near Orlando, FL., you don’t have to anymore. Team AD Washing will take care of your needs with the professionalism, attention, and quality that has always set us apart. Call (863) 695-8100 to get in touch with our team and request a free estimate of our services.

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